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About TGI Here are some products designed at TGI. These include some of our own product line which we design and manufacture and some others which we have designed for customers.

The netMCA Our netMCA-3 , the top gamma/alpha/xray spectrometer on the market (as of 2013).
netMCA board
Saw generator A saw generator with programmable voltage range between -100 and +100V, programmable period, slope etc. Maintains and charges its battery, offers convenient access to all parameters as needed.
Done as a one-off for a lab, took us 4 months from order to delievery.
Demo video
the board
The Nukeman The Nukeman portable computer with Nukebus slots for nuclear spectrometry instrumentation.
Running DPS on it means full OS functionality - like the large, heavy OS-es of the day and more - at a really small footprint and low latency second to no RTOS.
Uses a Freescale MPC824x processor (PPC) and an MC68340, the two sharing a common address space.
The hi-spec module The hi-spec nukebus module for high-resolution/high-speed nuclear spectrometry. DSP based, employing our own, proprietary conversion algorithms, over 5 years after its introduction none of our competitors has a product matching its performance.
Uses a TMS320VC5420 dual-core DSP, dealing with a 14-bit 10 MSPS real-time stream, allowing external gating.
The yavotron-2 A current waveform source for medical purposes - cryoelectrophoresis. Designed for a customer; using a 400 MHz Freescale MPC5200 PPC processor.
The hi-spec module A current waveform source for medical purposes - cryoelectrophoresis - partly designed for another customer. We revised and updated the schematics of an old design, added some new functionality (switching power supplies for battery operation capability and battery charger circuitry), did the board layout and wrote the firmware. Uses a Freescale 68HC11 processor.
The IPN project An Ethernet switch + an MPC5200 400 MHz Freescale PPC processor with up to 128M DDRAM and 2M or 4M flash.
We designed the hardware and routed the PCB.
The MOVIC HV source Our MOVIC HV bias source, part of our Nukebus based nuclear spectrometry line. It generates up to + or - 4500 per output, each independently controlled. LN2 sensor inputs covering all types of sensors are included. Very high stability and low noise, with its own MCU.
The ISA card MCA The first ever (1991...) single board HPGe detector capable MCA, the so called "ISA card".
Designed and routed by the founder of TGI while working for the German MCA manufacturer in Cologne back then (prior to founding TGI).
The first Nukeman The first Nukeman. This is the first product developed and manufactured at TGI, some still being in working condition and used.
This was the platform at/for which our OS - DPS - was initially developed.
Together with our 321 acquisition module and our 351 HV source it comprised by far the most advanced portable MCA of its time.
It had an MC68340 Motorola (now Freescale) processor inside.
No longer manufactured, this is a historic reference.
The 321 acquisition module The 321 acquisition module , perhaps the most complex - and definitely the most compact - complete analog nuclear spectrometry module ever built. It not only had both peak and gated integrator modes, but also included a complete rotary switch to select one of 6 shaping times just like analog shaping amps do; however, this was driven by a tiny servo motor and packed into a case not much larger than a cigarette box... It did 120 MHz Wilkinson style conversion, had its own 68HC11 MCU inside.
No longer manufactured, this is a historic reference.

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