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The IPN device is a board which has a 5-channel 10/100 Ethernet switch
and a 400 MHz MPC5200 Power (PPC) Freescale processor.
The processor can be configured with 32M, 64M or 128M DDRAM; there is also a
2M flash chip on the board. The device is powered from 10 to 30V DC.
About 1/4 of the flash is taken by the embedded DPS OS with the tcp/ip stack,
including caching DNS client, smtp, ftp, sntp etc., the rest is for the
target application (e.g. a VPN network, router, special purpose etc.).
An ATA connector on the board (not present on the shown version) allows
a HDD to be included to add fileserver capability and more.

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Schematics - ipnscm.pdf
PCB control plot - ipncbill.pdf

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