351 HV module technical brief

 The 351 HV source is a  Nukebus module which can deliver up 
to 5kV/100 microamps. Polarity is factory predefined - either
positive or negative, and cannot be switched. If both polarities
are necessary in the configuration, two 351 modules are necessary.
On request, the output span can be other than the standard 5.12 kV;
any range between 100 V and 7 kV is available.
The module is completely computer controlled - its local MCU
has all the controls and is accessed via the
serial inteface lines on the Nukebus only. The MCU senses the
temperature inside the module as well as the power consumption;
also, the feedback voltage (output divided by 1000) is used by
the MCU to develop the duty factor of the power stage.
 The LN2 sense connector is an analogue input which has an input
range of +/-24 V with 8-bit resolution ( <200mV step ) and a
gateable current source for detectors which have sink outputs.
This allows using virtually any existing equipment by just changing
the tresholds in the setup.

 The user can control the following parameters:

 - Output voltage - in 256 steps,20V each (0 to 5100 Volts),

 - LN2 sense tresholds - two tesholds, set between -24V and +24V;
   if no sensor,the input should be set via the setup in the
   "ignored" state,

 - Consumed power is monitored,

 - Temperature inside the module is monitored.


  - HV out (LEMO new generation HV connector series 0S) - the output

  - LN2 in - senses the nitrogen level.

  The rear connector is a standard 68-pin Nukebus connector.

 4.Power consumption.

 The 350/351 HV module consumes maximum 3 Watts;however,the actual
consumption depends on the load and other parameters,so in most
cases it will be much lower (typically 100-200 mW).
While not in use, it goes into the idle mode where its consumption 
is negligible (in the microamp range).The 350 does not use any of the
+/-15 and +/-24 volts at the Nukebus;it uses only the +5V only,thus 
capable to operate with the +/-15 and/or +/-24V converters of the Nukeman
being shut down. 

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