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Yavotron-2 (aka YV2) prototype specs:

Output current: -30 to +30 mA peak in apr. 4000 steps over 0 to 2 kiloohm.
Current shape synthesis sampling rate: 916667 samples/S.
Rise time: apr. 2 uS.
Synthesized envelope curve period: 10 uS to 2 S
Synthesized carrier curve period: 10 uS to 2 S
Pause (0 current) between sythesized periods: 0 to 2 seconds, 1 uS resolution.
Curve shape: sine, square, exponential pulse, triangle, saw, DC.
Carrier curve shape: any of the above
Envelope curve shape: any of the above
Modulation methods: classic AM and YV2- specific.
Modulation depth: 0 to 100% in 65536 steps.
Factory trimming values: EEPROM reprogrammable by the host.
Patient connected detect time: 1 S max. (0.5 S typ).
Selftest: uses saw shape, tests for sampled period vs. expected,
voltage and current over internal 2K vs. expected at apr. 83% fullscale,
saw linearity.
Selftest duration: apr. 0.5 S.
Default power up parameters: EEPROM reprogrammable by the host.
Default power up parameters include:
Current rate up - in uA/S, typically set to 500 uA/S for end use.
Current rate down - in uA/S, typically se to 30000 uA/S for end use.
Also envelope curve shape, carrier curve shape, envelope period, carrier
period, modulation depth, autoselftest on powerup on/off, many others
(a total of apr. 40 parameters are kept in EEPROM, including the
factory trim values).
RS-232 interface baud rate: up to 115200 bpS, variable, reprogrammable.
Default (on invalid, initial EEPROM) baudrate: 76800 bpS.
Recommended (used during development) baudrate: 76800 bpS.

LED indicators: Patient connected (1 LED),
non-0 current (1 LED) - turned on for apr. 20 mS every synthesized period start, retriggerable style.

Power supply requirements:

10 to 14 V, 15W.

Important note: The YV2 is isolated from its controlling host via optocouplers.
It must be powered by a galvanically isolated supply if this isolation is
to be maintained.

Firmware related data: 4982 source lines / 200950 bytes in 11 files, (98202 lines /
2592558 bytes including lookup table sources), 201808 byte of flash memory
space (237516 including the TGI debug monitor which comes for free).